Childcare Calderstones

Childcare Calderstones

We have just taken a call from a couple, regarding Childcare Calderstone. The couple were enquiring about our facilities and overall service as they wanted to put both their children into a nursery which could accommodate the fact that they both worked full time. They were also keen to see what credentials we had and how there children would develop under our guidance. Naturally we were pleased they have contacted us and have invited them down to the nursery to see-first hand- what our superb childcare service provides.

Whether we receive an enquiry from Calderstones for childcare or anywhere throughout Liverpool, Merseyside and Cheshire, you can be assure we-as a professional company-will deal with your request with a fast approach. Since our inception-in 1995- our family business has built upon the enviable reputation we have for good quality service; matching and surpassing the expectations of our clients by providing a freamework of a care and attention to all the children we have at the Nursery.

With the childcare Caldesrtones enquiry, we have explained to the couple how everything is geared towards providing your child/children with a varied programme learning, play and interaction with other children within the backdrop of a caring, relaxed and above all happy environment. Children our encouraged to express themselves throughg cookery, gym and sports and we believe they are better for it; nurturing their individuality so they are happy, bright and sociuable children. Its a guarantee to all parents that children under our care are given every opportunity to grow with confidence. Its what Kiddy Factory Nurseries are famed for.




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