Day Nursery Aigburth

Day Nursery Aigburth


If you are in urgent need of a Day Nursery Aigburth for your child or children, you need not search any longer. The answer, is at Kiddy Factory Nursery in Speke; a modern, unique and professional nursery that caters for your child in the best possible manner within a safe, friendly and happy environment

In Aigburth regarding a day nursery, you will receive a fast response to your needs from a team of dedicated professionals solely concerned with the well being and development of each child under their care. A family business: there is a combined 50 years’ experience-management and childcare-within the nursery operation; providing you with the peace of mind you seek.

For a day nursery Aigburth, the team at Kiddy Factory take their responsibilities very seriously. Providing a platform for the development of your child within a happy and relaxed environment is imperative and adhered to at all times. Your child can undertake cookery, gym activity, outdoor sports on top of learning; building the fundamental foundations for social, physical and intellectual progress in latter years.

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