Child Nursery Vouchers In Liverpool

Child Nursery Vouchers In LiverpoolIf you receive child nursery vouchers in Liverpool you must come to visit Kiddy Factory. We believe that every child is special and unique and take pride in treating them that way. We are a family run business that is managed on a day to day basis by two exceptional women with a combined 50 years of experience caring for children. Our philosophy on child education involves lots of learning, playing, and socializing with friends. We believe this type of environment lead to confident children well prepared to find their place in the world.

We spoke recently with a young mother just getting ready to go back to work. This was her first child and she had many completely understandable reservations about leaving her new baby with anyone else. She was heading back to work for her employer in Liverpool, child nursery vouchers were a part of her payment package, and she was looking for a great nursery. While speaking with her on the phone we sensed her trepidation, and invited her to stop in for a visit with her child. When she arrived she was very satisfied with the unique Kiddy Factory atmosphere.

With 11 total activity rooms, each packed with toys and equipment, we accept children from 5 years old down to infants. Our potential client was very happy to see the baby room and meet its very special staff. She was even shown the individual cots given to each child. As she toured our location you could see the concern washing away from her face. She was so pleased she started asking about the facilities available for older children. You see she was already planning a long term relationship for her child and Kiddy Factory. We are sure you won’t find a better nursery so if you or someone you know has child nursery vouchers in Liverpool, send them our way, or call on 0151 427 4444

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