Day Nursery Groups in Rainhill

Day Nursery Groups in RainhillDay Nursery Groups in Rainhill from the Kiddy Factory are unique because of the concept that underlies our business and the high levels of experience and dedication of our staff. We have put a great deal of thought and time into creating the ideal environment for your child because we know how precious he or she is to you. The care we offer and supply for babies in our beautiful day nursery is no exception.

In Rainhill, day nursery groups for babies from 6 weeks to 12 months old are held in our colourful, airy and cheerful baby room. Colours, furnishings and furniture have all been chosen with great care with babies and their parents in mind. This dedicated room provides a space that is both stimulating and safe, with each infant having the security of its own and therefore familiar cot. All the babies are supplied with a mobile above their cot and with other age-appropriate and stimulating toys. Our trained and caring Nurses are always at hand to provide affection, comfort or to interact in other ways with the babies. In addition to caring for the child physically and emotionally, our staff members think of the parents too: photographs of the babies are taken regularly and journals are kept in order to record any milestones or special moments in each of the babies’ lives. Parents can also visit their very young babies during their lunch breaks as we provide a facility for this too. Food and meals for our very young charges are also designed with a baby’s age and special requirements in mind, and we will wean babies too in consultation with the parents.

We know how very hard it is for parents to leave their precious new arrival in the hands of someone else, but here at the Kiddy Factory’s day nursery groups in Rainhill we will keep your child happy and comfortable and keep him or her safe for you until you are reunited again later in the day. Find out more on our website or feel free to pop into out facilities any time and look around!

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