Day Nursery Groups In Bootle

Day Nursery Groups in BootleMany people wonder what we have to offer for day nursery groups in Bootle. We are a complete nursery for children and we group them by age so that each child feels comfortable with the group of children they are with. This helps them not only feel comfortable but it also help them learn how to play and communicate with children of their own age. We have found that children matched with others their own age learn much more quickly about age appropriate behavior. A good example of this is the fact that the five year olds do not play with one year olds as the older child has already learned that it necessary to share whereas the younger children are just now learning how to share.

For parents and their children that live in Bootle, day nursery groups are just a short commute; this is very helpful as the children will not be restless when they arrive. We also pride ourselves with the fact that your child could begin with us at six months of age and continually stay with us up until the age of five and never get bored. We fill each day with exciting, age appropriate activities that will help with their development. For example each of our six months to one year olds each have their own cots and have a mobile overhead, this helps them with focusing, learning sounds and colours.

Our day nursery groups in Bootle offer lunch and snacks that are a real treat. We have a chef on staff that actually prepares our meals. Our chef makes absolutely delicious meals that use seasonally available food so our menu is always changing and always fresh so your child will not become bored with our lunch choices. So if you are looking for a complete day care for your child call us or stop by, Kiddy Factory Nursery will answer any question you may have.

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