Childcare Enquiry in Sefton

Childcare Enquiry in SeftonAs concerned parents, you will probably be making a childcare enquiry in Sefton. Young children need a safe and encouraging environment to grow up in and if you have asked around, you’ve probably been recommended to check our childcare nursery, Kiddy Factory. We are one of the most well-known if not the best one in Liverpool.

Recently, a worried parent showed up at the nursery and made a Sefton childcare enquiry. To be more specific, he has been searching high and low for the best nursery for his 2 year old. He was very specific about wanting a place where his child would be served healthy food, will be taught simple arithmetic and so on. We offered him a tour of the place and he was quite surprised that our nursery was this great. He came during the day and he had a chance to see the children and the caretakers in full action. In fact, he was so convinced that he started the registration process of his two-year on the same day! It is noteworthy to inform potential parents that their children will be taken care of in groups with children of the same age range. In this instance, the child was placed in the room special for the 24-36 months children. What’s special with our nursery is that we follow the EYFS program for pre-school education with the children. They are taught while they are having fun. They are allowed to be as messy as they want, explore their creativity and they are entitled to their own free time if and when they want.

Stop by when making a childcare enquiry in Sefton and check out our day care. You do not need an appointment, just show up whenever you want and we will be happy to show you the place. At Kiddy Factory, children are taught to play, cooperate with others and learn the basics of maths and alphabets at their own pace so that their skills are naturally developed. There is no shortage of fun at Kiddy Factory and should you have any additional enquiries, do not hesitate to give us a call on the 0151 427 4444.

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