How to Find the Best Day Nursery in Dingle?

Day Nursery in DingleApart from motherhood, many moms often face the inevitable return back to work and finding the best day nursery in Dingle. It is a bitter sweet moment that is often filled with anxiety and guilt. This is especially difficult for first-time parents. As a parent, you will obviously seek the best childcare for your baby, but how do you know which day nursery to choose?

In Dingle, Kiddy Factory is highly recommended day nursery by working parents. They recommend that parents should check for certain criteria when choosing a nursery. Firstly, is the nursery registered and inspected on a regular basis? The Office for Standards in Education conducts regular inspections and presents nurseries with a certificate that must be put on display for parents. Secondly, does the nursery have a stellar reputation? Talk to parents, friends and neighbors who have utilized this nursery. What are their impressions? If you are getting mixed signals, then look for a different nursery. Visit the nursery yourself and look around. Are the premises neat and sanitary? Do the children there seem happy? Next, ask about the nursery’s policies. Are they flexible about certain things? How do they deal with emergencies? Do they have an open door policy that encourages parents do drop at their convenience? Next, what types of activities are they offering to keep children stimulated? Keep in mind, every childcare setting is required to adhere to certain guidelines set out in the Early Years Foundation Stage principles. This means providing opportunities for age appropriate learning. An ideal nursery will have puzzles, dough, construction blocks, books for story time, music and singing, simple cooking, art areas, imaginative play, and water and sand play. Lastly, ensure the staff is trained in E YFS so that they know how to provide a stimulating and safe environment for your child.

If you are looking for a reliable and first-rate day nursery in Dingle that has a stellar reputation, contact Kiddy Factory today.

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