Childcare In Woolton

Childcare in WooltonIf you are looking for quality childcare in Woolton for children between the age of six weeks and five years, there’s no place better than the Kiddy Factory.For a parent, the Kiddy Factory has it all – a conveniently located place where you can leave your child for the day, without worrying about their safety and security. All their nutritional needs are taken care of by our chef offering delicious and healthy meals, freshly prepared. Most importantly, it is a place that your children will enjoy!

For parents in Woolton, childcare should not be about simply finding a place where their children will be tended to. It’s about finding a place where they will receive care, attention and a truckload of opportunity to grow and develop. Every child is different and at the Kiddy Factory, we offer special attention to every child through our highly trained staff which helps them grow and develop by creating an environment ideal for learning and development. Children take part in numerous activities that challenge them at various mental and physical levels, helping their wholistic development as well as working on their motor skills.

Our facilities for childcare in Woolton are designed to encourage social interactions with other children and everything, from our activities to mealtimes, revolves around making your child more confident in a social environment. Our staff arehighly trained individuals who provide the support your children need when they are away from their parents. Our special indoor gymnasium, outdoor play area, quality meals and supremely friendly and experienced team creates the best atmosphere for your child. If you are looking for a place that is much more than just a crèche, to keep your child engaged while you are away at work or shopping, come on down to the Kiddy Factory and check out our facilities. We guarantee that once you have seen what we are all about, you’ll probably want to stay there too, with your children!

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