Child Places in Netherton

Child Places in NethertonIf you are searching for child places in Netherton, Kiddy Factory caters for children from 6 weeks up to 5 years old. We are one of the leading nursery schools and pride ourselves on the efficient, warm, caring atmosphere and service we offer. We provide a safe secure environment where children in our care are nurtured, loved and educated, because the well-being of your child is our priority. Our dedicated staff members encourage children to play and learn which in turn teaches them to share, become social and confident. We offer high quality services, excellent facilities and a unique concept. Our dedicated team believe in open relationships with both parents and children that in turn enhances a healthy all round experience at our centre.

In Netherton, child places at Kiddy Factory are fitted with high quality equipment that has been chosen with safety in mind. Delicious well-balanced fresh meals, including baby and weaning meals, are prepared by an onsite chef that is suitable for the various age groups. We have created a homely environment for the babies and children that is colourful, bright, stimulating, safe and airy. We supply several types of stimulating toys and puzzles that encourage friendly play, construction and mobility along with caring nursery nurses and other qualified staff that provide the children with constant attention and affection. During calm time, the children are read stories, have singing time and learn nursery rhymes with staff members.

In our child places in Netherton, our experienced staff constantly encourage the children to become confident and are encouraged to develop various cognitive and fine motor skills in line with EYFS. The children are taught to speak, be mobile, learn to identify, be well-mannered and tidy, which provides a foundation for intellectual, social and physical progress for years ahead. Our beautiful relaxed environment and dedicated staff help the children reach their full potential. Our professional reputation speaks for itself. Without having to make an appointment, you are most welcome to pay us a visit at any time and see for yourself what is on offer. We look forward to meeting you and your child. If you need to know more about child places best suited for your child, contact Kiddy Factory today.

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