Tender Loving Care at Nursery Places in Halewood

Nursery Places in HalewoodNursery places in Halewood have to meet the needs of a tiny baby as well as the needs of a robust toddler. The nursery that looks after your child while you are at work must be well equipped and the staff well trained in the developmental needs of a young child. If a 6 month old baby is crying it’s not an indication that he is naughty but rather a sign that he is hungry, tired or thirsty. If you have to return to work, you want to be 100% sure that your baby is going to be receiving the best care possible. Kiddy Factory Nursery in Liverpool does just that, catering for tiny babies of just 6 weeks of age right up to 5 years of age.

In Halewood, nursery places have to be caring, secure and a loving environment. You need to know that when you drop your children off, they will be well looked after in a stimulating educational environment. Kiddy Factory gives parents the peace of mind knowing that their children are in safe hands and that they are in a happy environment. Children’s nutritional needs are well catered for, and fresh, seasonal fruit and vegetables are served as well as other delicious meals. The chef takes delight in preparing fresh, tasty meals for the tiniest baby to the biggest and most boisterous toddler.

At nursery places in Halewood, each baby should have their own cot and their own familiar mobiles. At Kiddy Factory, all the rooms for the babies and toddlers are airy and colourful. For the bigger children, classrooms are bright and welcoming and the playgrounds fun and exciting. Safety is a key factor and learning is fun with the EYFS (Governments guideline for Pre‑school education) programme. As a family run business with staff with years of childcare experience, you won’t need to look anywhere else for the needs of your child. The staff welcome you to visit at any time so you can see the professional and dedicated care given to the children. If you are looking for the most caring and safe nursery places, contact Kiddy Factory.

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