Childcare Centre in Knowsley

Childcare Centre in KnowsleyChoosing a childcare centre in Knowsley needs some investigation. Many questions need answers. One question might be “is it better than home”? True, your children love being with you in their home but an excellent childcare centre will offer opportunities for experiences not found at home. You may feel the reluctance to leave your children each day. It is so much easier when you realise your child is going to learn socialisation, cooperation, age suitable academic skills and have great fun because they are going to Kiddy Factory. Our Kiddy Factory staff dedicates themselves all day to the nurturing and education of your child. Even stay-at-home Mums do not have that much time.

In Knowsley, childcare centre Kiddy Factory serves children from six weeks to five years old. Each age group has their section where they will feel safe and secure. Each section, from nursery to kindergarten, is filled with natural light, stimulating colour in the décor, suitable furniture and educational toys and activity centres. We have 11 rooms for the children plus an indoor gymnasium. We also have a secure outdoor play area, so children have fresh air and a place to use large muscle skills. We like to strike a healthy balance of eating, resting, learning and recreation. That helps to avoid handing over an overtired and overstimulated child to you.

Kiddy Factory, the finest childcare centre in Knowsley, staffed with knowledgeable people who enjoy guiding and teaching children. Two managers with a combined experience over 50 years head the team. Your little ones will blossom into friendly self-confident young people with a sense of responsibility for self. Some special staff members are our food preparers. Nutritious child-friendly meals are prepared on-site in our kitchen. Fresh foods including fruits and vegetables are on the menu each day. Even our baby food is freshly prepared. We can always accommodate special diets. You are welcome to stop by Kiddy Factory and tour the entire facility. Call ahead and we will arrange to be available to answer your questions. Come see for yourself that Kiddy Factory is a gift to your child and quite reasonably priced. For a childcare centre that is top class, contact Kiddy Factory.

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