Preschool in Speke

Preschool in SpekeYou child is entitled to free hours of preschool in Speke, but you wonder if it is needed. You may ask if preschool benefits children so young and small. Good preschools are designed to prepare children for academic success as well as emotional and social success. It lays the foundation for learning in school by introducing structure, sharing and following directions. In quality preschools, children learn to be responsible and take care of themselves and interact socially. They grow in self-confidence through accomplishments like keeping their space tidy and hanging up their coat or completing a puzzle before leaving the table. They develop large motor skills and improve small motor skills. While all this is taking place, the children have a wonderful time.

In Speke, preschool at Kiddy Factory is where you will find the excellent environment for your preschooler to grow and succeed. The children enjoy being at Kiddy Factory because they have so much fun, and they feel safe and loved. Mum will love Kiddy Factory because of the cleanliness and natural light throughout. The preschool area is designed for preschoolers with stimulating colours, educational toys and an eye for physical safety. The tables, chairs, bathrooms and shelves are scaled to their small size giving them the opportunity to be self-reliant. The children love being here and most are anxious to come each time. If your child is distressed by separation from home and Mum, we have techniques to help work through this first of many new transitions.

Kiddy Factory preschool in Speke employs the governments guidelines for preschool education through play. We have an indoor gymnasium and a secure outdoor play area. Both are wonderfully equipped with age-appropriate toys and activities. The pre-school staff are experienced and knowledgeable of preschool curriculum. Along with that knowledge and experience, they bring a calm and kind demeanour your child will find comforting. Kiddy Factory has been serving parents since 1995 and we are proud to partner with them in the care and development of their children. We make our facility readily available to the parents of our enroled children and welcome their visits, questions and concerns. We want communication lines open between teachers and parents. Schedule a tour and we think you will like what you see. For information about a preschool, contact Kiddy Factory.

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