Day Nursery in Halewood.

Day nursery in HalewoodDay nursery in Halewood is the best place for your child. Safe and secure with caring experienced staff, your child will look forward to the socialsation and stimulation they receive with us. We cater for very little ones from 6 weeks old up to school ready 5 year olds. We have the expertise to cater for your childs individual needs in a warm and friendly atmosphere. We have own chef who prepares delicious fresh meals for the children. Our meals are a social occasion where the children can enjoy their food and the company of their friends. Our youngest children from 6 weeks to 1 year old are cared for by the nursery nurses and have their own cots and mobiles. Their room is bright, airy and colourful, with play areas with books and soft cuddly toys to stimulate their development.

In Halewood, a day nursery is very important to teach your child the unspoken rules of society and to help them socialise in a natural and comfortable manner. Our second group of children are the 1 to 2 year olds. Their room is designed to encourage them to explore new things and to encourage mobility and construction. They also have an enormous amount of fun with finger painting. Our experienced and caring staff teach them nursey rhymes and songs to encourage their language development. We teach them hand eye co-ordination and encourage tactile development with sand and water and play dough. They are gently led into simple mathematics by practitioners who also encourage a love of reading by telling them stories and encouraging them to look at the wide range of kiddie’s books.

Day nursery in Halewood has one final group, 3 to 5 year olds. In this group the children are taught through play, although we follow the goverment guidelines for pre-school. We allow them to progress in learning at their own pace. We help your child become more independent, tidy and teach good manners and table etiquette. These last years in day nursery are the most important as after being in our nursery they will fit easily and happily into primary school. For more information about a day nursery, contact Kiddy Factory.

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