Day Nursery in Gateacre

Day Nursery in GateacreLooking for the perfect day nursery in Gateacre can be nerve wracking.Whether you are a new parent or not, you will always be looking for the perfect place for your young child to grow up in. Day nurseries are good places for your child, they provide a more social environment with other children and they will learn more about life in general. This is the stage where they will be exposed and will learn good manners, respecting others, speaking fluently, and doing basic arithmetic. Others might indulge into the more creative side such as arts and music and a good nursery will expose them to as many subjects as possible, which they will certainly need later on in life.

In Gateacre, a day nursery will allow parents to go back to work while knowing their children are safe and happy. At The Kiddy Factory, the children will be looked after by professional and licensed teachers. The children are grouped based on their ages so that they grow and learn with other children of the same age. For instance, children between 12 and 24 months are cared for in colourful rooms. At this age, they are curious and want to explore the world, and, as they have just learnt how to stand on their feet and go from place to place, it is not surprising to find that they will be investigating the world around them. In this room dedicated to them, there are plenty of toys that will increase the use of their mobility and the staff members will assist them to develop their motor skills and will increase their linguistic skills through story-telling, sing-songs or nursery rhymes. As for meal times, for this age group, the staff members will help the children to feed themselves while also encouraging them to gradually feed themselves and become more independent.

The day nursery in Gateacre will help your children to develop various skills that will prove more than important later on in life. You are welcomed to visit the nursery, you will find that the young children and toddlers are happy and safe in the nurturing environment that The Kiddy Factory nurtures. For more details about the day nursery, contact Kiddy Factory.

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