Child Nursery in Aigburth

child nursery in AigburthFinding the perfect child nursery in Aigburth is every parent’s dream. One that will look after the children with as much love, care and discipline as a parent would be ideal. A lot of nurseries lack trained staff members or qualified personnel, thus, creating role models that may leave a bad impression on the child. At the Kiddy Factory, we make sure that every staff member is trained and has the right qualifications for dealing with children. Training and experience is invaluable in a caregiver.

The environment in which your child grows is important. In Aigburth, child nursery services that we offer are second to none. We pride ourselves on our unique concept, and we have an open relationship with the children as well as the parents. We understand how important it is to ensure the children feel welcome. We believe that every child is special and each one deserves to be loved, educated, nurtured and given the time to be the unique person that they are. At Kiddy Factory, we encourage our children to play and learn and we make this happen by creating a relaxing and friendly environment where they are grouped according to their age. As such, children that are 3 years old are placed together and will be given toys to increase their mobility. As they grow older, they are given toys that suit their age to boost their confidence, push them to speak and make friends, socialise, learn the rules of society and learn to be conscientious from a young age.

It is important to us that when parents are leaving their children with us at a child nursery in Aigburth, they leave with peace of mind knowing they can trust and rely on us. If you are looking for more details about our child nursery, contact Kiddy Factory. We will also welcome any impromptu visits if you feel you need to see the happy child care environment place for yourself.

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