Nursery in Mossley Hill

Nursery in Mossley HillWhen the pressures of returning to work start to mount, remember that a nursery in Mossley Hill can instill peace within you. It’s not easy returning to work and wondering who will be able to care for your precious baby like you’ve done. There is a place that can allow you to return to work with full confidence that your child will be nurtured and safe. Kiddy Factory is a safe, peaceful haven for your baby or toddler. They cater for children from 6 weeks to 5 years of age. You needn’t stress because a boisterous 5 year old might accidentally run into your 5 month old who has just learned to sit. Tiny babies are kept separately from active toddlers where they can flourish in the beautifully decorated rooms catered for the younger children.

When it is time for you to return to work in Mossley Hill, a nursery that provides the care and attention a young child needs is what you need. The nursery follows the EYFS education guidelines. The children’s eyes, brain and hands are also used to develop skills needed for life. There is so much fun that the children will be reluctant for nap time, but this is an important aspect of good care at the nursery. Kiddy Factory has gone out of their way to ensure that your child loves being dropped off here each day. The staff are highly trained and the rooms are well equipped with the best equipment to stimulate inquisitive minds.

The best nursery in Mossley Hill cultivates kindness, teaches the children how to play and learn together, to get along peacefully and to help each other. There are specially prepared meals too which ensures keen minds and energetic bodies get the right nutrition. If you would like more information about a suitable nursery for your child, contact Kiddy Factory. There really is never a dull moment at this colourful, bright, clean nursery because they have carefully embraced what matters to children and parents – love, care, safety, fun, cleanliness and a nurturing environment.

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