Day Nursery in Mossley Hill

Day Nursery in Mossley HillLooking for a nurturing, loving and safe day nursery in Mossley Hill? Well, childcare at Kiddy Factory is nothing short of spectacular. We understand that despite wanting to take care of your child full time, at some point, you will have to seek a day nursery to take care of your child while you handle your affairs. As a result, Kiddy Factory has made a point to create the perfect environment and atmosphere for toddlers aged between six weeks and five years to interact, learn and play alongside their peers.

For parents of young children in Mossley Hill, day nursery is a vital part of your child’s upbringing as it is the foundation of their social life. At Kiddy Factory, we understand that a child’s mind and body needs constant engagement for them to develop a healthy sense of learning and physical stature. As a result, all our activities are tailored to developing their young minds in all pertaining to classroom learning and indoor as well as outdoor play time for physical development. As far as safety is concerned, your child is in the care of responsible, caring and well-trained staff. Constant supervision is maintained at all times to ensure that no harm comes to your child during his stay here.

At our day nursery in Mossley Hill, we also provide delicious freshly prepared meals for the kids. If your child has any allergy or resistance to a particular type of food, make sure to inform us, and our staff will make sure they do not come into contact with such. If you live in the Mossley Hill area, why don’t you contact us or pay us a visit and see the kind of colourful wonderland environment and atmosphere your child will spend their days? You can rest assured that the day nursery you choose for your child is a happy and safe environment.

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