Kids Nursery in Kirkby

Kids Nursery in KirkbyAs a loving and concerned parent you’ll want to find the best kids nursery in Kirkby for your child.  Our nursery is not just for working parents. All children need to learn to socialise and make friends. It can be a very lonely life for a solitary small child. To grow they need to learn and we have the most interesting ways of letting them adjust to the big wide world. There are many children their own age and a huge range of toys to play with. Games are arranged to help them understand sharing and also how to work together. These are skills that cannot be learned at home. If you entrust your baby to us it will grow up with other little ones it has known since it could sit and will form lifelong friendships with some of its peers.

If your baby is over 6 weeks of age and you need to get back to work our nursery will ensure the health and well being of your little one. In Kirkby, kid’s nursery takes babies from 6 weeks of age up to little ones of 5 years of age. We keep our rooms bright and airy for the well being of the children as bright colours stimulate them.  When your child reaches pre-school age it is important that they are socialised and can listen to instructions. Starting school without the necessary skills is very hard for a child.

We are the kid’s nursery in Kirkby that encourages your child’s emotional growth. Contact Kiddy Factory or pop in for a visit at any time as there is no need to make an appointment. We will be very happy to show you all of our happy children. We have been operating as a nursery for over 22 years with 50 years of combined experience in childcare. We have a total of 11 activity rooms packed with toys and equipment and our baby room has individual cots for the tiny ones. We pride ourselves on our unique concept, the quality and dedication of our staff, our excellent facilities and our open relationship with parents and children.

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