Kids Nursery in Gateacre

Kids Nursery in Gateacre Entrust your precious little ones to us at the best kids’ nursery in Gateacre. With more than two decades’ experience in the art and science of dealing with young minds, Kiddy Factory is a family-run business. Our core values are firmly based in our sound child-care values, ethical standards, state-of-the-art facilities and keeping abreast with the latest international trends and knowledge in this sector. We take immense pride in our innovative methods, child-centric concepts, the quality, training and education of our team, premium facilities and the free-flowing interaction between parents, children and our staff. Every child enrolled here is special – they’re encouraged to play, learn, socialise, make friends and develop the skills and confidence to become the best human beings can be.

We take in babies from the age of six months to children up to age five. In Gateacre, kids’ nursery facilities provided to our infants/toddlers are specially designed to cater to their needs and safety. Babies have their own cots, the décor is soothing yet stimulating, and our specially-trained Nursery Nurses ensure that your baby is given the best of care and attention. Don’t worry about missing milestone events in baby’s life – our qualified nurses maintain meticulous records and will provide regular updates on baby’s progress. Her first tooth, first step, first word and all the developmental milestones will be carefully recorded and conveyed to you the moment they happen!

Our kids’ nursery in Gateacre helps the 2 year old age group to learn through the play-way method, with lots of encouragement, love and cuddles coming their way. Ensuring that their mental and physical development grow in tandem is our priority. When you are looking for the best kids nursery, contact Kiddy Factory. Children aged three to five have already attained a certain level of development and they need to be prepared to face the academic world. We help promote independent thinking, self-grooming, inquiring minds, good manners and etiquette, socialisation and safety consciousness. Our programmes are in sync with the government guidelines for preschool education (EYFS) throughout. Visit us to see our facilities for yourself.

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