Babies from 6 weeks to 12months old are cared for in our baby room

The room is bright, airy and colourfully decorated with babies in mind, making it a homely environment that is both safe and stimulating. Each baby will have their own cot and will soon get to recognise the sight and sound of their own mobile!

Soothing colours help the babies at sleep time and when they are awake, along with the constant affection given by the Nursery Nurses, there are many toys to play with designed to stimulate baby’s senses. They love toys that are tactile, make noises or do unexpected things! Or they can just relax in our little cozy area that is full of books and soft cuddly toys.


All babies are different and their assigned qualified Nursery Nurse will keep an updated record of your baby’s progress. Notes will be made to mark special occasions ‑ first tooth, first words, sitting up, crawling, first steps and all the funny little things that babies do. Photographs are always being taken of the babies ‑ they soon learn how to pose for the camera! These build up little memories for you to keep as your child grows.


Our Baby and weaning menus are prepared freshly by our very own chef, and for weaning babies, the chef will work in liaison to ensure that your baby is offered foods suitable for the baby’s age.

We have the facility for Mums and Dads of very young babies to visit during lunch breaks if necessary. So as well as having total confidence that your baby is being looked after by qualified caring staff, you can also be around during baby’s day.


Your ‘new arrival’ will be cherished while you continue your career. 

“Our time we share giving love and care”

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