This room welcomes children from 24 months to 36 months old.

This room is fitted with the very best of equipment chosen with safety in mind. It is large, brightly decorated and the walls are an extravaganza of the pictures and models made by the children.While the emphasis is on fun learning, we do follow the EYFS (Governments guideline for Pre‑school education) with the children. This is undertaken throughout the day in various guises.
Manipulative play involves skilful use of the hands, eye and brain while imaginative play lets the children immerse themselves in a different world.Messy play is important where the children are free to explore sand, water and play dough. Simple mathematics come into play here ‑ although the children think they are just enjoying themselves!It`s all fun in which children learn through play. There are times when they would like to have time alone. There is no shortage of cuddles available or willing staff or read stories or let the children have a little nap.
With the assistance of keen staff, the children are gently taught to play together, to co‑operate, to share and to be honest. It is important that all skills are developed, both mental and physical and with this in mind, the nursery nurses will give your child the encouragement and stimulation to make them keen for the next stage of nursery life.Life in this room is never dull and the Nursery Nurses ensure that your child enjoys all the puzzles, paints, sand, musical instruments and boxes of delights for them to explore.

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