Nursery Aigburth

Nursery Aigburth

Do you require a Nursery Aigburth? If so, contact Kiddy Factory Children’s Nursery in Speke; leading the way in modern childcare in the North West. Since our inception-in 1995-we have grown as a family business; providing expert management experience and childcare experience-50 years’ combined-to parents who want only the very best for their child. Our professional child care service is of the highest quality coupled with our comprehensively equipped nurseries.

Whether we receive an enquiry in Aigburth for a nursery or anywhere else in the South Liverpool area, you can be assured we will give each and every enquiry the utmost care and attention, befitting the high standards of management we adhere to. Our ethos is one of providing you -as a parent-with the safest, warmest and caring environment around for your ‘child’. Our priority is the well being of your child and this is foremost in our thinking; through our highly motivated and skilled staff, we can give you the peace of mind that your ”treasured possession” is bestowed with love, nurturing and education-laying the foundations for their continued development for years to come.

With a nursery Aigburth, we cater for children between 6 weeks and 5 years; with only the highest qualified and experience nurses to care for them. We not only provide physical, intellectual and social progress, our days are full of varied activities including : Cookery, gym and sports. Variety comes in the form of a library-to stimulate conversation and language development- to an outside play area for children to have freedom and utilise their imagination. In addition we also cater for children with special educational needs and our happy for all parents to pop in and discuss whatever their requirement are.




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