Childcare Norris Green

Childcare Norris Green


Are searching for Childcare Norris Green? If so, come and talk to the childcare ‘experts’ at Kiddy Factory Children’s Nursery In Liverpool; you wont be disappointed! With outstanding facilities-created for the the modern child-and boasting some of the most advanced features within our impressive nursery, Kiddy Factory is no ordinary nursery, providing professional child care of the highest quality within a comprehensively equipped nursery framework.

From Norris Green for childcare to throughout the city surburbs, you will find our first rate service unsurpassed. We strive to match your expectations at every level, building excellent rapport with parents by involving and informing on a constant basis. The development of your child is as paramount as the welfare and care we bestow on them in our childcare; nurturing, caring and educating each individual child.

With childcare Norris Green, we have the necessary know how and expertise needed to make Kiddy Factory a success. With over 5o years combined management and childcare experience within these family run environment, we constantly maintain the high values we set ourselves on a daily basis. Our team our dedicated and skilled and deem every child as ‘special’; encouraging each to learn, play and enjoy the company of their friends which culminates into the creation of sociable, confident children at Kiddy Factory Nursery.

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