Looking for a day nursery in Aigburth

Kids Nursery Garston

When you are looking for a day nursery in Aigburth, the Kiddy Factory accept babies and children from 6 weeks old to 5 years old.  Relax in the knowledge that your child’s time at the Kiddy Nursery will be fun and safe cared for by professional nursery nurses with a visiting facility for mum and dad so you can pop in at lunch time.

When looking for a Aigburth Day Nursery, the facilities at the Kiddy Factory are unbeatable and highly professional.  There are specific rooms full of toys that encourage mobility, construction and learning to play with their friends for each age range of child.  Your toddler can learn to explore and investigate new shapes and textures playing and learning with large very safe soft toys at the same time with experienced and qualified staff caring for them.

So when you are searching for a day nursery in Aigburth, Kiddy Factory have a safe happy environment where your children are encouraged to learn and play through interaction with other children and the trained nursery nurses, learning nursery rhymes and singing songs.  It is the perfect solution or when you have to leave your precious child to work, as we all do these days, you can be sure in the knowledge your child is enjoying every minute of their stay.    

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