Couple Enquiring About A Kids Nursery In Garston

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If you are a Couple Enquiring About A Kids Nursery In Garston you will be understandably very concerned that your child gets the best treatment possible. It is only natural to be worried with regards to letting your little one out of your sight and sending them to nursery is a big yet necessary step. The Kiddy Factory caters for children from the ages of six weeks to five years old and provides your kids with a nurturing and caring environment in which they can grow.

In Garston, couple enquiring about a kids nursery should give the Kiddy Factory a call on 0151 427 4444. With their own on site chef, you can rest assured that your children will be eating only the freshest, healthiest and tastiest of foods every day. Even their baby meals are prepared freshly.  Feel free to visit and take a look round any time, no appointment is necessary.

So for a couple enquiring about a kids nursery in Garston, the Kiddy Factory is the best  in the area. A family run and managed business with more than 50 years of collective experience under their belts, Kiddy Factory encourages your child to learn, grow and socialise with other children thus helping to create a well rounded and confident individual!

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