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Childcare Centre in Edge HillKiddy Factory, a Childcare Centre in Edge Hill, was established in 1995 and is a family run business that takes great pride in the quality of the care we provide, the unique concept that lies behind what we do and how we do it, our facilities, our experienced staff, and our strong and open relationships with the children under our care and their parents.

We regularly receive queries from prospective customers who want to know more about us. Recently, we were contacted by a gentleman who was interested to know more about our facilities as he was considering placing his twins with us. Here in Edge Hill, our childcare centre offers no fewer than 11 activity rooms all of which are stocked with suitable equipment and toys. The dedicated rooms for the various age groups are airy and bright and our caring staff members are all experienced, dedicated and qualified practitioners in their areas and fields. In addition to the rooms for each age group, Kiddy Factory has a sensory room, a fully equipped indoor gymnasium, an outside play area, a kitchen with a five star grading from the Environmental Health and a dining room. All of these facilities are there to keep your children happy and safe and to encourage both play and learning. We are in a position to cater for babies and children from 6 weeks to 5 years old.

However, here in Edge Hill our childcare centre staff members do not expect you to just accept what we say. We invite you to visit us anytime to assess our centre and what we offer for yourself. There is no need to make an appointment; you can just arrive. You could also chat to parents of our children as our reputation also speaks for itself. Pop in today! Find out more on our website.

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