Ofsted Approved Nursery in Whiston

approved nursery in Whiston Finding an Ofsted approved nursery in Whiston was very easy for my family. We paid a visit to the Kiddy Factory Nursery and they received us with a warm greeting. We were instantly impressed with the facilities. There is a designated area for each age group 0-5 years old. The age appropriate activities and areas for play encouraged us as we were at our wits end with our search for a nursery we could trust. They pride themselves on the efficient service they have to offer. The Nursery has a very warm and caring atmosphere together with all the expertise to care for our child’s individual needs.

In Whiston , this Ofsted approved nursery is only minutes away from my home. While our child explores the new and exciting world around them their staff is right there supporting them. She can make new friends, which is always a concern to me. Will she get along nicely? I am reassured that she will make friends and she will be safe at the same time. My little one is in the 12 to 24 month range and as she is beginning to form words and stand independently she requires an environment that will be supportive of her growth. It is no surprise to me that the Kiddy Factory offers a nurturing staff to encourage her to be successful in this stage. She is such a curious one and they help satisfy that during the day with the exploration play. The schedule that is offered affords her every opportunity for proper development.

Pay a visit to the Kiddy Factory, which is an Ofsted approved nursery in Whiston. They take education seriously and you will see that in just one stop by. They have the curriculum separated appropriately by age groups. This built confidence in selecting this as the facility for my little one. There are so many things to consider when finding the right nursery for your children and it is reassuring when you find them all in one location. Ring Kiddy Factory at 0151 427 4444.

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