Why Does Your Child Need An Ofsted Approved Nursery In Gateacre?

Ofsted Approved Nursery In GateacreAn Ofsted approved nursery in Gateacre is something that every parent should look for when searching for a place to care for their child during their absence. Ofsted stands for Office for Standards in Education, Children’s Services and Skills and the organisation is an independent body that regulates care service providers for children. With the responsibility to report their activities directly to the parliament, Ofsted is one of the most respectable and reliable organisations when it comes to regulating childcare specialists and agencies like the Kiddy Factory.

In Gateacre, an Ofsted approved nursery can claim to provide the highest standard of care for your child in their premises. There are four aspects that allow the organisation to control and regulate facilities like the one at the Kiddy Factory. First, the childcare nursery has to register with them. This leads to a series of inspections that are carried out over the registration period, each of which looks after the quality of the facilities as well as the standard of care and education provided to the children in it. The third aspect is where each childcare agency’s legal requirements are checked while the last aspect deals with enforcing action, where there is need, against the defaulting agency.

When your child goes to an Ofsted approved nursery in Gateacre, like the Kiddy Factory, you can rest assured that your child is being cared for by people who are thoroughly capable of handling their every need. Based on the organisation’s inspection, regular reports are generated each year, each one aimed at providing an unbiased view of the agency to the public and, most importantly, to you, the parent. That inspection report allows you to make the right decision when it comes to picking a nursery where you child is sure to receive an invigorating experience that leads to healthier physical and mental growth and development. In other words, the Ofsted approval is a stamp that guarantees that a nursery, like the Kiddy Factory, comes highly recommended by the government as an ideal place for your child.

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