Childcare Enquiry in Wavertree

Childcare Enquiry in WavertreeWe at Kiddy Factory received a childcare enquiry in Wavetree from expectant parents. They were preparing for the arrival of their first child. Mum would be returning to work full time a few months after baby’s birth and the couple would need daily childcare when that time came. I will say that these new parents had quite a list of questions and high expectations. Good for them! They are being responsible parents by vetting area childcare centres. Kiddy Factory welcomes the opportunity to demonstrate the high standards we maintain for our nursery. We invited the young couple for a tour of our facility during regular care hours. We want them to have a real feel for what their child will be experiencing and the loving care we provide.

During the tour, our couple with Wavertree childcare enquiries were delighted with the atmosphere. They took particular note of the bright and sparkling babies’ room. The décor and toys provide stimulation for newborn babies. The babies become familiar with their own crib including their own musical mobile, insuring their sense of security while at the nursery. Experienced nurses provide affectionate care. Our young parents were pleased with the attention and care their baby would receive in the baby room at Kiddy Factory. We pointed out to them that babies do not stay babies very long and began a tour of the areas accommodating older children.

Childcare enquiries in Wavertree usually focus on the immediate needs of the child. Kiddy Factory meets the needs of children from birth through age 5 when they are ready for kindergarten. Our facility accommodates each stage of a child’s development with age appropriate space and activities. Outdoor playtime with safe appropriate toys is part of the day. The expectant parents considered the fact that their child could stay in the same superb childcare environment right through pre-school, receiving their pre-school training on site. For five years, until elementary school, the child can stay in their familiar environment. If there are siblings to follow this child, the parents were relieved they would be cared for at the same nursery. Kiddy Factory proved itself to these discriminating parents. They left our facility confident that when the time comes, they have made a wise choice for childcare.

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