Nursery in Norris Green

Nursery in Norris GreenWe were recently contacted by a couple who were looking for a high quality nursery in Norris Green. They both had jobs that meant they couldn’t look after their children personally during the day. They decided to seek out a local nursery that had fantastic facilities and a caring ethos. That’s why they contacted Kiddy Factory. We have a fantastic reputation for caring for children from Merseyside and beyond and our rates are very competitive.

Using our Norris Green nursery can bring real advantages for busy parents. It’s not always possible for one parent to stay at home, especially in the current economic climate. It’s also an ideal solution for single parents who have to go out to work. Grandparents are great for stepping into the breach, but they can’t be available every day and the cost of getting a child sitter in can be prohibitively expensive. That’s where we can help. We provide a superb standard of care for children aged from six weeks up to five years and child safety is always our number one concern. All of our staff are experienced and fully trained and they provide an environment that’s both secure and happy for your child. Whether you need to use our services once a week, or every day, we’ll be able to find a solution that suits you.

Your children will love our nursery in Norris Green. It allows them to mix with other children of their own age and make new friends. It’s never too early to learn these social skills that will be so useful in later life. Our nursery is bright and fun, with lots of toys to suit boys and girls. While they’re here, they’re not just playing, they’re learning too. It’s not only our facilities that are excellent, our food is too. We offer a wide range of meals, cooked on site by our dedicated chef. The food is always seasonal, locally sourced, very nutritious and full of the flavours that young children love. We can also supply baby meals. We’d love you to see for yourself how much we have to offer, so come along. No appointment is necessary, we’re happy to answer any questions you may have.

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