Childcare Centre Netherton

Childcare Centre NethertonCome and visit Kiddy Factory, our wonderful childcare centre in Netherton. We encourage you to see for yourself the bright and colourful environment within our facility. Each section is immaculately clean and designed appropriately for specific age groups. Observe our children as they nap in the nursery, learn motor skills in the toddler room and begin their formal education in the preschool area. Taste the fresh and nutritious food prepared in our own kitchen. Enjoy the soft grass outdoor play area bordered by shade trees. Please take note of the security system in place for added security. Most of all, meet gentle and kindhearted childcare givers. We only hire exceptional people to care for the children of our clients.

Residents seeking a Netherton childcare centre are encouraged to plan their visit to Kiddy Factory well before the time childcare is required to make sure we can accommodate your child. Children from six weeks through age 5 thrive in our environment. Our preschool follows our government guidelines so children can make a comfortable transition into primary school. That said, there is sufficient opportunity for growth at the individual level. Children are different and we endeavor to meet their individual needs for attention and learning. We provide an accepting and encouraging atmosphere where each child will flourish.

At our childcare centre in Netherton, the staff of Kiddy Factory has tremendous respect for the parents who entrust their children to us. We know your life sometimes feels like a juggling act as you work and care for your children. We think you will feel confident in your choice when you choose Kiddy Factory for your childcare needs. When you see your children excited to head off to “school” each morning to spend time with their friends, it removes a big worry. Knowing they are happy and well cared for relieves your mind so you can focus on your work for a time and then join together again at the end of the day. Share any concerns with us and every effort is made to alleviate your worry. Our door is open. You do not need an appointment to stop by for a visit and tour the facility.

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