Choosing the Best Childcare Centre in Bootle

Childcare Centre in Bootle It’s important to find a thriving environment for your child and a childcare centre in Bootle is a perfect place if you are looking for an Ofsted-approved nursery. In fact, if you are a concerned parent, you should consider checking out the Kiddy Factory, a place where children aged 6 weeks until they are 5 are catered for in the most impressive manner.

Recently, the Bootle childcare centre received an enquiry regarding the perks of choosing this specific institution for a child’s education and growth. The childcare centre would like to inform its potential clients that the childcare centre is much more than a nursery where infants, toddlers and young children are sent to while their parents are at work. In fact, the place is an Ofsted-approved facility where dedicated staff members make sure that the children are given ample time to learn on their own. The habit of exercising is instilled in them and there is an in-door gym for this purpose and the nutrition provided to the children are of the highest and freshest quality. They are prepared on-site by the chef employed by the childcare centre. Moreover, children over 2 years old are allowed to play outdoors which is a requirement of the Eyfs. To facilitate a healthy environment, the childcare places children of the same age in the same groups so as to develop a good social relationship with the other children. Your children will not have a moment of boredom at the Kiddy Factory, there are a lot of activities provided to keep them busy while at the same time making sure their motor skills and other crucial skills are developed accordingly. The staff members at Kiddy Factory have a combined experience of over 50 years in childcare management and nursery operation.

If you don’t believe that the childcare centre in Bootle is as good as it sounds, you should consider popping in to see with your own eyes. You can actually show up unannounced, the staff members would be happy to take you around for a tour. Kiddy Factory takes enormous pride in providing the best quality services to your children in order to ensure a healthy growth in a safe environment. To contact the childcare centre, you can call them on the 0151 427 4444.

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