Benefits of Attending a Day Nursery in Garston

Day Nursery in GarstonThere are a number of benefits enjoyed by young children who attend a day nursery in Garston. It is, of course, important that you select a nursery that excels in a number of key areas. Primarily, a nursery should provide children with a safe and secure environment. In addition to this, the nursery must be able to allow young children in their care the opportunity to develop and learn new skills. With this in mind, an initial visit to any nursery should be used to evaluate the standard of supervision and the availability of equipment and facilities. Many nurseries also employ the services of a preschool teacher who is responsible for the early learning development of children at the nursery.

In Garston, a day nursery must follow the Early Years Foundation Stage module. This is a structured module set out by the government which includes various learning and development activities. The staff at the nursery must also be suitably qualified. The module is suitable for children ranging from one year of age through to five years of age and includes a number of different activities. An important part of attending nursery concerns developing the social skills of a child. This involves free play time and mixing with children of all ages. Children learn to respect others and behave appropriately whilst in a group. Children at nursery will be encouraged to partake in group activities but will also have the opportunity of individual play with a member of staff.

Another benefit of using a day nursery in Garston is in relation to flexibility. Most nurseries are flexible in the activities that they offer children. A child is usually assigned to a member of staff who regularly assesses their development and can customise activities to work on improving an area of weakness. Nurseries are increasingly secure places. Only authorised people are allowed inside the nursery itself and the majority of nurseries also benefit from both interior and exterior CCTV. This ensures the security and safety of the children throughout the day. To get your child into a Day nursery call The Kiddy Factory now.

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