Searching For A Safe And Reliable Childcare Centre In Norris Green?

Childcare Centre In Norris GreenKiddy Factory is perhaps the most well-known childcare centre in Norris Green. The nursery which caters for children aged 6 weeks till they are 5 years is a safe place and healthy environment for children to grow in. The environment is a very relaxing one where children are given the freedom and guidance they need to grow into the world’s future young, confident and educated adults. At Kiddy Factory, we understand your concerns as parents. After all, no one could ever love and look after your children the way you do.

Recently, a couple based in Norris Green was looking for a childcare centre for their young toddler. They were very reluctant about leaving their first child at a completely new nursery, they were worried about the child’s safety and meals. However, once they found themselves at Kiddy Factory, they wished that they had the same facilities and services back when they were children. They were impressed by the way we do things at Kiddy Factory. We have our own chef to cook healthy and nutritious meals for the little ones, a gym, a great outdoor playground where the children could spend time getting fresh air and getting some sun. It’s important that they get some exercise as well. Moreover, the couple was quite thrilled for their 2 year old when they were shown the classroom dedicated for this age group, the room is big and airy with great wall decorations. They are enough to trigger the children’s imagination and take them to wonderland. The rooms are well equipped with toys of various nature to make sure that the children grow up with well-developed motor and mental skills. The parents were happy knowing that the childcare centre was the perfect place for their child. Plenty of fun activities are waiting for her once she finds herself at the childcare centre.

Do consider our childcare centre in Norris Green. Kiddy Factory is happy to accommodate any parents who wish to see the place for themselves. Contact us today.

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