Child Day Care in Aigburth

Child day care in AigburthChoosing a child day care in Aigburth is not a decision that you can take lightly, especially not for your little bundle of joy. Kiddy Factory has been successful since their establishment in 1995. The family run business has made it a top priority to give parents the peace of mind that their children are safe and content and with their 35 years’ experience you are sure to have a happy child when you fetch him at the end of the day. Your child will be encouraged to reach his milestones in the time that he needs to and that he learns valuable life lessons from a young age.

In Aigburth, child day care is something that you need to think about carefully to choose a nursery that will look after your child with care and to ensure that the safety and well- being of your child. The dedicated staff and excellent facilities ensure that your child is taken care of at all times. With eleven activity rooms filled to brim with educational equipment and toys, the children will effectively learn through play. Each baby also gets his own cot. The rooms are age appropriate and they have needed equipment and resources for each age group to develop appropriately and appropriately.

Child day care in Aigburth is commendable when there are experienced staff who are qualified in the early year curriculum and the early year foundation stages. There is also an indoor gym as well as a sensory room available for the children. As children need to play outdoors there is an outside area to play in that is safe and age appropriate for all the children. Like any parent you may have your reservations about the type of food your child may consume. At Kiddy Factory the onsite chef prepares all food daily and only uses the freshest ingredients. The nursery has received a five star commendation from the Environmental Health Department and they are also able to accommodate special diets if needed. Fruit and vegetables are encouraged daily at the nursery. If you would like to know more about child day care for your child, contact Kiddy Factory.

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