A Leading Nursery School in Allerton

Nursery School in AllertonMost parents have to work today and a nursery school in Allerton where your child is safe and happy is highly sought after. To make ends meet, parents leave their babies and toddlers and head back to work as soon as they can find a safe, warm and stimulating place for their little ones. Choosing a nursery school these days requires word of mouth recommendations, and Kiddy Factory is a place that you feel happy with from word go. The staff are always going to be an important factor, and Kiddy Factory is a family run business with a team who have many years of experience in childcare.

In Allerton, a nursery school that attracts a lot of interest is Kiddy Factory. From the moment you set eyes on it you know your child will love it. It is bright, airy, colourful, clean and exciting and everything has been created to delight children. The Kiddy Factory team invite you to pop into their nursery school and see for yourself what it is like. They have 11 activity rooms which are packed with lots of toys and equipment to amuse babies and children for hours. Each age group is separated to ensure the safety and welfare of all children. Each baby has its own comfy cot with soft toys and mobiles to keep tiny minds alert. Other special features of this exciting nursery school include a fully equipped indoor gymnasium as well as a Sensory room. There is so much to see here that this is why they invite you to come and see for yourself.

With a nursery school in Allerton, parents these days want to know that their kids aren’t sitting around on a sunny day watching television. With Kiddy Factory there is no fear of that as they have large and safe well equipped outdoor play areas. Add to that freshly cooked, nourishing meals from a kitchen that has achieved a 5 star grading from the Environmental Health and you can be sure that your child will be begging you to be dropped off at this fabulous nursery school. For an exceptional nursery school, contact Kiddy Factory.

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