Nursery School in Childwall

Nursery School in ChildwallWhen parents look for a nursery school in Childwall, they want the best of the best! There are certain key factors that must be looked at before choosing an appropriate nursery for your child. The first is the setting of the nursery. Apart from cleanliness, the premises must be stimulating and appealing to a child. In other words, the nursery should be colorful and decorated in a way that is attractive to a child. Even the equipment intended for children should be in excellent working order and appropriate for the child’s age. For example, slides, swing sets and sand pits should be designed with the age and safety considerations of a small child. Secondly, staff qualifications must be examined closely. In the U.K., staff are required to have specific early childhood qualifications in order to work with small children. Staff who are running the place should also have significant management experience. Next, consider the programs that are offered. Does the premise offer a mixed program such as different experiences, both indoors and outdoors or is it primarily academic? These are just some factors that parents need to consider when choosing a nursery for their children.

In Childwall, a nursery school that has a reputation for being among the best is Kiddy Factory. The school was established in 1995 by Martin and Sandra Evans. Their nursery program has many features that set them apart from other schools. Firstly, their outdoor grounds are equipped with numerous activities that are both age appropriate, safe and stimulating. Secondly, there are 11 activity rooms that are equipped with learning equipment and toys to help stimulate intellectual development.

If you are looking for a good nursery school in Childwall, give Kiddy Factory a call today. Kiddy Factory also boasts an art sensory room and a fully equipped indoor gymnasium. They also provide freshly prepared meals on a daily basis in their dining room. Each meal follows healthy eating guidelines, incorporating fruits, vegetables, proteins, healthy fats and carbohydrates. For a quality nursery school, contact Kiddy Factory.

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