Childcare Centre in Kirkby

Childcare Centre in Kirkby How does a childcare centre in Kirkby help a child in his early years? At an early age, kids start to open their minds and wonder why certain things happen or move in one way or another. Most kids who tend to question a lot of things are likely to become successful in their future endeavours. An efficient and dedicated nursery school is  vital during their early childhood because it supports them in the most crucial and sensitive stage of their life. A nursery school encourages children to develop their skills through learning, playing and socialising with other kids, allowing them to be confident and prepared as they explore the big wide world.

In Kirkby, a childcare centre with a safe, secure and superbly equipped environment can be found at Kiddy Factory. This is a family operated business under the management of well experienced childcare workers, Carmen and Sandra Evans. They uphold high values and take pride of their unique nursery operation, dedicated and skilled staff, great facilities and good relationships with children and parents alike. At Kiddy Factory, each child will experience a warm and caring atmosphere that prioritises their welfare, health and safety. By keeping kids safe, secure and happy, the nursery helps parents achieve peace of mind while they are away from their “most treasured possessions.” This is a great place for them to feel loved and be nurtured to become the unique person they are.

At a nurturing childcare centre in Kirkby like Kiddy Factory, children will learn new things, identify their unique talents, develop social skills, understand good values and strengthen their motor skills. The nursery has 11 activity rooms equipped with facilities and toys, a special baby room with nice and friendly staff, fully furnished indoor gymnasium and superb sensory room. They also have an onsite chef who prepares seasonal and delicious meals to kids, and freshly prepared baby foods. In today’s dynamic global economy never underestimate the importance of your kid’s nursery education and care. Come pay a visit and experience the exciting life of a child at Kiddy Factory. For an exceptional childcare centre, contact Kiddy Factory today.

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