Looking for a Quality Childcare Centre in Sefton

Looking for a Quality Childcare Centre in SeftonThe decision to leave your child in a childcare centre in Sefton may be a difficult one for mothers who are returning to work after completing their maternity leave.

There are many childcare facilities out there that provide a wide range of services. There are a number of things you need to pay close attention to when considering a childcare centre. Things like child-oriented activities, qualified staff, cleanliness, appropriate play and intellectual development programmes are just some of criteria that you need to keep in mind. It is best to look at a few nurseries before making up your mind. Don’t forget to take into account word-of-mouth references!

A Sefton childcare centre that has a stellar reputation is Kiddy Factory. It was founded in 1995 by Martin and Sandra Evans, and continues to be a family-run business, even today. Kiddy Factory’s success is a result of their unique combination of quality, unique concept, dedicated staff, excellent facilities and the open relationship with children and parents alike. Every child that enters Kiddy Factory is treated with respect and care throughout their time at the centre. Here, they are encouraged to play, learn and interact with their peers so that they can develop into confident and sociable children. In total, Kiddy Factory has 11 activity rooms filled with equipment and toys. They have a specially designed baby room designed for comfort, where each baby is assigned their own cot. There are also 2 toddler rooms and a 2-3 year room that is airy and bright, filled with activities and toys appropriate for this age group.

A childcare centre in Sefton should have qualified and experienced teachers. Kiddy Factory’s preschool program is managed by two experienced and trained teachers who have a sound knowledge of early years’ curriculum and early years’ foundation stage. Other unique features which set Kiddy Factory apart from the rest include a Sensory room, fully-equipped indoor gymnasium, outside play area, activity rooms, and a kitchen that is run by an onsite chef. If you’re looking for a childcare centre that is a cut above the rest, then contact the Kiddy Factory today.

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