Childcare Centre in Halewood

Childcare Centre HalewoodIf you are working parents you will want to look for a childcare centre in Halewood that provides a wonderful facility and caring ethos. Look no further than the Kiddy Factory that has an above average reputation for providing the best care for children at very competitive rates. The Kiddy factory was founded by Sandra and Martin Evans making it a day to day family run business that has years of childcare experience. Their concept is unique, their staff members are dedicated and they offer high values and excellent facilities. Children are encouraged to play, learn, socialise and enjoy the company of their peers, They will be confident children when leaving the centre, ready to take their place at school and in society.

In Halewood, a childcare centre such as Kiddy Factory is highly recommended and provides high quality care for your child. They boost a total of 11 activity rooms that are all adequately equipped with activities and toys. Besides a nursery where each child has their own cot, there are 2 toddler rooms that are airy and bright and has all the expertise needed for this age group. Two qualified experienced teachers manage the prechool that provides the children with the right foundation stage criteria as well as the right curriculum for early years. The centre has a beautiful secure safe indoor gymnasium as well as sensory room and an outdoor play area which allows the children to maximise their play time on a regular basis.

The Kiddy Factory childcare centre in Halewood provides fresh cooked meals daily which are prepared by an onsite chef. All meals are served in a designated dining area and there are special diet options to choose from. They provide outstanding care for children from the age of 6 weeks to 5 years. The environment is both safe and secure and all staff members are fully trained, so whether you require a childcare centre once a week or on a daily basis, Kiddy Factory will provide you with a solution that is best suited to your needs. The centre provides lots of learning activities and fun and the meals are locally sourced, nutritional and seasonal. Pay the nursery school a visit or give them a call for more information on the services they offer. For more information about a childcare centre, contact Kiddy Factory.

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