Child Day Care Centre in Norris Green

 child day care centre in Norris GreenAs a parent you’ll agree that a child day care centre in Norris Green is one of the few that can give you complete peace of mind. The child’s first year is critically important and in fact the first year lays that important foundation for life-long brain development. These days a baby’s first year can’t always be spent with a mom or dad, and this is when it becomes so important to be able to put your trust in the best day care there is. Parents trust Kiddy Factory wholeheartedly and with good reason. As a family run business, they have 35 years experience in childcare, with high values and dedicated staff. Every child is special at Kiddy Factory and they have 11 activity rooms packed with cuddly toys and equipment. There is a very special baby room and each baby is allocated its own individual cot where soothing colours and beautiful decor promise to provide serenity and pleasure for your baby.

In Norris Green, child day care centre at Kiddy Factory has large, safe outside areas too where the busy and energetic children can have fresh air and outdoor fun. Everything about this day care centre is clean, bright and airy. Parents are always concerned about the nutritional needs of their children, and at Kiddy Factory, they have their own on-site chef who ensures freshly prepared meals and special diets for those children who require them. Fresh fruit and vegetables are enjoyed every day and the day care centre has its own bright and cheery dining room.

The idea of a child day care centre in Norris Green is to encourage the children to learn and play in wonderful surroundings so that they will be able to confident and happy. They work to make the day care centre so exciting and interesting for your child, that they long to be at this magical place. The Kiddy Factory team don’t just want you to choose them because of what you’ve read and heard about them – they invite you to pop in and see for yourself. For an exceptional child day care centre, contact Kiddy Factory.

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