Kids Nursery in Aigburth

Kids Nursery in AigburthLook for a kids nursery in Aigburth if the time has come for your child to start attending a nursery. All children need to learn to socialise and what better way to learn this skill then by playing, communicating and being with other similar aged children? Learning to share and play together is one of the important parts of a young child’s learning. Children who are unable to socialise may find it difficult to cope when they attend a larger school when they are older. It may be that the mother of the child has to return to work and there is no-one at home to look after the child. This is another reason why it may be necessary to send a child to a nursery school.

In Aigburth, a kids nursery will welcome children to attend. Children will make new friends, learn new skills and, as importantly, have fun while doing so. Kiddy Factory is a kid’s nursery were this possible. Children of all ages attend Kiddy Factory, some as young as 3 months. Children are included in activities where they are invited to enjoy the company of their friends, learn and play. The qualified and dedicated staff of the pre-school are highly knowledgeable in the criteria of the early year’s foundation stage as well as the early year’s curriculum.

A kids nursery in Aigburth is a place where children are cared for and taught the skills to develop into confident young children. Kiddy Factory provides wholesome meals for the children in their care. These are prepared daily by the onsite chef. The kitchen has received a five star grading from the Environmental Health. They provide options for specials diets, including the children who are intolerant of certain foods. The baby meals are freshly prepared each day.  The children eat their meals in a separate dining room, learning table manners and good eating habits from a young age. Kiddy Factory is proud of their children’s nursery, where children are cared for in a loving and happy environment. For more information about a kids nursery, contact Kiddy Factory.

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