Nursery in Kirkby

Nursery in KirkbyKiddy Factory is an all-encompassing nursery in Kirkby available for all families with children under five years old, as well as for expectant parents. Our Day Nursery is extremely popular, due to its homely atmosphere, village-feel location and dedicated staff team. The building is superbly constructed with a fully equipped and spacious interior with light and airy rooms. There is an extensive outdoor play area which has been re-developed, and the local environment provides several attractive walks. As with all Day Care nurseries, the fees are fully inclusive of all meals, snacks, drinks, nappies and activities, where the older children experience fun and learning through hands-on activities such as den-building, natural crafts and others.

In Kirkby, a nursery such as Kiddy Factory benefits greatly from having an open plan layout. Being purpose-built, there are floor to ceiling windows throughout and skylights above; giving the nursery a bright and airy feel. Our lively day nursery offers large spacious rooms which are divided into age-specific areas by part walls and low gates allowing children to see throughout all the age groups as they learn and play throughout the day. The rooms are large and spacious and allow the children to free-flow into the garden, with all rooms having direct access into the outdoor areas.

The baby room at Kiddy Factory, a premier nursery in Kirkby, is cosy and staff follow home care routines so that children are well looked after. There are two large tunnels for children to crawl through in the big babies’ play area and a separate sleeping area. The nursery and toddler rooms have their own safe garden for little explorers to enjoy and the rooms have many interactive toys and educational games to play. The garden has a lovely wooden climbing frame, grass areas and an undercover space for all-weather play. Staff have a strong commitment to equality and diversity which is actively promoted throughout the nursery. Our team is dedicated to providing the highest quality of care to each and every child with many years of childcare experience between them. Contact Kiddy Factory for more information about a nursery.

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