Regulated Ofsted Approved Nursery in Netherton

Regulated Ofsted Approved Nursery in NethertonOfsted approved nursery in Netherton is 100% accredited, and that is important because the safety of your child is of utmost importance. Ofsted stands for Office for Standards in Education and they inspect and regulate services that care for children. You hear of such terrible things going on in some child-care facilities, that when you find a truly reputable nursery, it is regarded as a gem of a find. Kiddy Factory Children’s Nursery is all about cleanliness, fun, adventure, care, brightness, airiness and safety. Kiddy Factory is the kind of place where everything is open and inviting. Parents can arrive any time of the day, and the smile and glow on their child’s face will be the answer they need that their child is completely safe and nurtured, and above all, happy and content.

In Netherton, Ofsted approved nursery doesn’t operate under pressure. This is because they have an excellent teacher to child ratio. Not only that, boisterous 5 year olds are kept away from tiny babies who are just learning to sit. Tiny cherubs like this have their own bright, colourfully decorated room where each baby has their own cot so that they recognise their own mobiles. They received dedicated attention from the capable nursery nurses. You’ll also find baby and weaning menus to ensure your baby gets the very best nutritional start and there are also facilities for parents to visit during lunch breaks.

Ofsted approved nursery in Netherton eases your 3 year old into their Pre‑school nursery, where the Governments guidelines for Preschool education (EYFS) is followed. Your child’s independence, social skills, table etiquette, tidiness and speech are all encouraged and developed, with fun always being included throughout. Whether your child is using up energy in the lovely outdoor areas or whether they are listening to exciting stories on a rainy day, you can be sure that whatever age group your child is in, they are being nurtured and cared for so that parents can confidently get on with work and other activities while their little ones are in the most awesome of places. For the safest and happiest Ofsted approved nursery, contact Kiddy Factory.

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