Nursery Places in Belle Vale

Nursery Places in Belle ValeLooking for nursery places in Belle Vale for your child as you need to go back to work?  There are a large number of aspects to consider as you will undoubtedly want the safest nursery place for your child. Among the questions that need to be asked are whether the facility is registered with the appropriate authorities, if the staff are qualified to stimulate the children in a positive manner, and whether the property is securely fenced. You also would want to find out if the daily routines include meals for the children.

In Belle Vale, nursery places are readily available, but one that positively answers all your questions is Kiddy Factory.  No matter what the age group, each have all the necessary educational toys and other learning resources to encourage active learning and playing.  They will also keep an individual record of your child’s progress and inform you should your child need additional assistance.  Their educational programs are age appropriate, and will ensure that all aspects of your child’s development is catered for.  From social, cognitive, emotional and physical growth, this is all done in the loving, nurturing atmosphere.  It is important that your child learn through play.  The colourful posters will grab their attention and the carefully chosen toys are specifically designed to stimulate various areas of learning.

Top class nursery places in Belle Vale are what every parent wants for their children. At Kiddy Factory all activities are in line with the Government guidelines for pre-school education, the EYFS. Each age group’s program is geared to assist your child reach his full potential.  They firmly believe that a healthy body is as important as a healthy learning environment.  For this reason, healthy meals are prepared on site each day and include lots of fresh fruit and vegetables.  If you would like more information about suitable nursery places for your child, contact Kiddy Factory.

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