Ofsted Approved Nursery in Tarbock Green

Ofsted approved nursery in Tarbrook GreenDo you want to enroll your children in an Ofsted approved nursery in Tarbrook Green?Kiddy Factory is a leading nursery in Liverpool that specialises in taking care of children between 6 weeks and 5 years old. With an efficient service, and a loving, caring atmosphere, Kiddy Factory is perfectly equipped and staffed to provide for each child’s individual needs. Parents can rest assured knowing that their children are in good hands when they enroll them at Kiddy Factory. Your child will play happily in a safe and secure environment.

In Tarbock Green, Ofsted approved nursery Kiddy Factory understands the importance of a tailored approach to the wellbeing of each child. The programmes and schedules at Kiddy Factory are designed to allow for learning, playing and socialising, which will help children develop a solid foundation for the rest of their life. With a dedicated staff, a unique concept and an open relationship with parents, it’s easy to see how Kiddy Factory earned the top spot when it comes to nurseries. At meal time, children are served a variety of fresh, healthy and delicious menus, which are designed to fulfill all the nutritional needs of a growing child.

When it comes to the facilities of an Ofsted approved nursery in Tarbock Green, Kiddy Factory is equipped with 11 rooms which are chock full of equipment and toys. There are two toddler rooms, rooms for 2 to 3 year olds, a pre-school, an indoor gymnasium, a sensory room, and a play area, among others. Each of these rooms is designed and staffed to address the particular developmental needs of the child in the respective age bracket. For example, in the pre-school, children are guided through the early year’s curriculum by two experienced and qualified professionals, and in the toddler room, children are catered to by staff who will prepare them for nursery life. If you want to find out more about the facilities and services of an Ofsted approved nursery, contact Kiddy Factory.

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