Child Day Care Centre in Halewood

Child Day Care Centre in HalewoodChild day care centre in Halewood can be a lot cheaper than hiring a full time nanny, especially when financial strains may not allow parents to stay at home with their children. Even though a lot of parents wish they could remain with their child and be with him in their first years, they might not be able to as both parents may be trying to make ends meet. A nursery such as the Kiddy Factory would be an ideal alternative place for your child to be while you are at work.

In Halewood, child day care centre, Kiddy Factory is reliable and a suitable place for your child while you are at work. A lot of parents are concerned about activities, food served, classes and age groups. We always reassure the parents that at the Kiddy Factory, the babies and children are looked after with utmost care. In fact, our reputation speaks for itself. Children are divided into age groups so that they are able to be in groups with children of the same age and socialise better. Additionally, their activities will be related to the age they are, for instance, children of 1-2 years will be going through a phase of fast language development and they will be surrounded by teachers encouraging them good language acquisition through singing songs and storytelling. Children aged 3-5 will be encouraged to carry out simple activities such as tying shoe laces, drawing and cutting. At this age, their motor skills are decidedly finer and the children are able to carry out various activities with precision. They also become more increasingly aware of the world at this age.

The staff members at the child day care centre in Halewood will help your babies and toddlers grow into sociable and responsible children. They are dedicated to their jobs and to the welfare of the children. Every child is unique and throughout their stay at the Kiddy Factory, they will be encouraged to play, learn, make friends, share and be confident. For more details about a child day care centre, contact Kiddy Factory.

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