Kids Nursery in Knowsley

Kids Nursery in KnowsleyAs a mum, what matters the most to you when choosing a kids nursery in Knowsley? The list probably includes a clean and safe environment; attentive care providers; room to play and age appropriate toys; nourishing food and hours that fit your schedule. Kiddy Factory offers all that and so much more. Starting with the Baby Room for infants six weeks to one year, Kiddy Factory endeavours to create a home atmosphere to comfort your baby. He or she will have their own personal cot with a mobile they will recognise as their own. When awake, their nurse will provide affection and fill their playtime with stimulating toys. The nurse will take notes and photos to share the highlights of your baby’s day with you.

In Knowsley, kids nursery for children 1 to 2 years, provides soft landings while they find their balance. Mobile toys suitable for toddlers on the move and self-feeding utensils made for little hands. Here, they learn to love stories and be part of a group. As they reach age 3, they begin puzzles, musical instruments, sand and paint. By following Government guidelines for pre-school education learning is fun. Learning through play continues at age appropriate levels through age five. Your child grows more independent and gains skill in manners, tidiness, and co-operation. They will learn personal care skills and develop small motor skills. Your child will grow and learn in this colourful and loving environment accompanied by constant affection and lots of cuddles.

Kiddy Factory, kids nursery in Knowsley, offers safe indoor and outdoor activities to develop large motor skills, enjoy the fresh air and have fun. Child-friendly fresh foods are prepared in the kitchen daily. Kiddy Factory has all the accouterments in their 11 activity rooms needed for children to grow and learn in a safe and healthy environment. Their most valuable asset is their staff. From the beginning, in 1995, Kiddy Factory has been a family run business. The staff is held at a high standard. Two experienced childcare providers with 15 and 35 years of experience respectively, oversee daily operations. Feel free to stop by and take a tour. To find out more about a kids nursery, contact Kiddy Factory.

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