Child Nursery in Kirkby

child nursery in KirkbyThe Kiddy Factory has earned its reputation as a leading child nursery in Kirkby. They have dedicated staff and excellent facilities. They treat each child as an individual and allow them to develop and grow at their own pace. Children are encouraged to learn through play, and to develop good social skills through their interaction with friends. The nursery has an open relationship with parents and they welcome feedback and interaction. The Kiddy Factory takes very seriously the responsibility of looking after your precious bundle of joy. You can feel confident that your child is getting the best of care, and is in a happy caring environment.

In Kirkby, child nursery Kiddy Factory accommodates children from the age of 6 weeks to 5 years. This means that your child can remain in one, happy environment and be ready one day for a smooth transition into Primary School. There are a number of different classes at the Kiddy Factory. Babies from the age of 6 weeks to 1 year are accommodated in the Baby Room. Here a qualified Nursery Nurse will care for your baby. The progress of your baby will be recorded, including information and photographs of their “firsts”: the first tooth, the first word, and the first step. They will assist with weaning when the time comes. Arrangements can be made for parents to visit the Baby Room in lunch hours so that you can be around your baby. The other classes are for children from 12 months to 24 months; from 24 months to 36 months; and from 36 months to 5 years old when they are ready to transition to Primary School. In each age group there are appropriate activities and toys for that age. The staff have the experience and qualifications to ensure that your child is being given the best possible start in life.

The description that can be given to Kiddy Factory, the child nursery in Kirkby, is a happy, caring environment where children are content to spend their time. They are constantly learning and learning is fun. It is best to come and see for yourself how happy these children are. There is no need for an appointment. You are welcome to drop in an anytime. For more information about a child nursery, contact Kiddy Factory.

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