Nursery in Childwall

nursery in ChildwallWe know that the nursery in Childwall you want for your child is not just average. You have a checklist of requirements and the top two are qualified administrators and a safe environment. The safe environment means physical and emotional safety. If the caregivers can’t love your kid, then you don’t want that nursery. You want an environment that is clean, attractive and spacious enough for play. You do not want your child eating processed or junk foods for meals and snacks. Structure matters to you because you know your child will adapt and learn better in a predictable setting. When your child is finished with nursery you expect him or her to be ready for school. Such a nursery does exist and it is affordable.

In Childwall, a nursery for children should be chosen with care. Stop by Kiddy Factory and witness first hand a bright happy place supervised by loving caregivers. We think your mind will be at ease after we introduce our philosophy and age-specific programs. Kiddy Factory accepts children from 6 weeks through 5 years of age. Each age group enjoys age specific play areas and toys. From 3 to 5 years they will be learning to prepare for school. Play is the work of children and at Kiddy Factory, fun and educational toys abound. Indoor and outdoor play areas to have fun and fresh air while developing large motor skills are favorite parts of the day. Age appropriate times of learning, play and rest are incorporated into the children’s day.

Stop by the Kiddy Factory Nursery in Childwall and meet the chef. Our kitchen has a five-star rating from Environmental Health. All foods are prepared fresh each day with an emphasis on fresh fruits and vegetables. Children enjoy their meals in a separate dining room while they practice good table manners. Parents have trusted us with their children since 1995. We are grateful that their trust and belief in our caring philosophy has made us a leading nursery in our area. If you are looking for a suitable nursery for your child, contact Kiddy Factory.

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